Trading Signals
& Trading Risk Management

We are not merely computing trading signals under our brand THE KÁRA SYSTEM, we also compute trust. At the heart of our trust-building runs the rigorous calculation of risk management – and Freya Alpha sees to that.

Subsequently Freya Alpha can offer its trading funds services to various different clients.

Investment Banks may connect to Freya Alpha’s well-balanced funds and test them against their internal trading performance: That is:

  • discretionary traders
  • quantitative strategies
  • long term hedges

Family Offices … it’s personal. Being a Family’s Asset and Wealth Manager is a delicate assignment. Freya Alpha supports with enterprise-graded robust profit curves, so that Managers can continue to have pleasant annual reports.

Pension Funds are subject to a moral obligation: protection of worker’s assets. Gambling not allowed. Freya Alpha composes predefined diverse funds of different asset classes with fast reaction times to black swan events. All based on continuous and real-time risk management processing.

Freya Alpha opens the world to the unbanked. We allow the participation of as little as 50 USD. And our sophisticated risk management automatically executes higher risk trades if the environment allows it.

We Compute Trust.

Freya Alpha’s core mission is to find the most robust trading signal suppliers, so that our clients may lean back. Once we identified and cross-checked our partners, we are engaged in a continuous process of monitoring profit robustness in order to disqualify trading signal strategies early in favor of our clients. Fully automated, in real-time.

Engineered Trading Excellence.

Coming from a Swiss heritage we hold up high two properties in the process of computing trading signals: The robustness and quality of our Trading Strategies, and highly effective Risk Management.